2014/07/11 – A Toryumon Iaito that ships the next day?!


Now, we all know that making a Iaito takes a lot of time and effort and since our Iaito are all made my real craftsmen who know what they are doing. So even with the most basic Iaito, such as the Toryumon series, it takes about a month or more to prepare and ship to you.

However, we are aware that we live in a time where time is money and you sometimes just need it ASAP, so to cater to those needs we have just prepared some Fast Shipping Toryumon Iaito‘s that we can ship the next business day after receiving your order. These Iaito only comes with the most basic specifications, however, they are in stock and ready to ship as soon as we get an order.

If you need a 2.45Shaku Iaito, with a Kuroro lacquer Saya, don’t mind some dragon themed Tsuba, Menuki and Fuchi/Kashira, and don’t want to wait for it? Then this Iaito should be just right for you! 
Take a short cut to the dragon gate and soar the skies today!

Get a Toryumon Iaito Today!