2014/07/18 – Custom-Made Iaito + Free Nishijin Sword bag


We know that there is a lot of fans of our Custom-made Iaito, and for a good reason! There is no doubt that it’s one of the most customizable Iaito’s available on the market. Maybe some of you noticed that we also recently uploaded more precise weight estimates for each blade length on the product pages, so now you can get more useful information about the Iaito before placing your order. 

We of course have more good news for you, from today and for the rest of July, we will be offering our Custom-made Iaito together with our Nishijin Sword bag (worth 10.000JPY), of course, you can choose style of your liking, however, please note that the Bag only comes with the standard options, so if you wish to add padded lining to your bag, extra fee’s will apply. Besides this however, you are free to enjoy getting your Custom-made Iaito with a beautiful Nishijin Sword bag, place your orders today!