2014/07/18 – Our 3rd Nominee is decided!


This week in Kyoto has been really hot, of course the weather is getting hotter, but also because of the festivities in Kyoto due to the Gion Matsuri, which had it’s climax yesterday with the parade. The International Tozando staff also made a quick tour of the “Yoiyoiyama” (the night 2 days before the main event) after work, where we had the pleasure to go around and see the light up Floats and eat from the food stands. Apparently the candied fruits stands was very popular with our female staffs, and even the male staffs had to admit that it was very tempting to go for one of them. The night festivities were simply flooded with people, and we would have liked to see the main parade yesterday, too bad that it was during work hours though. Even though as mentioned before, for the first time in almost 50 years there will be the “Ato Matsuri” of the Gion Matsuri this year, again, it will be on the 24th of July during work hours, so we will probably be busy providing support to you guys again, but if you happen to be in the area, it’s definitely something we would recommend you to experience!

This is the 3rd week of our running “Win a Trip to Japan” event, and it’s again time to announce the next nominee. This week we congratulate Julie Spro from Norway, Congratulations, you are the 3rd nominee in our 7th ‘Win a Trip to Japan’ competition! It’s a nice surprise to have someone from Scandinavia as a nominee, as many of you probably know, we do have a Swedish staff member among the international staff. So we wish her all luck for the final drawing in mid-September.

We would like to remind everyone that Monday (the 21st) is a public holiday in Japan. Although the physical shops (the Main store and the Shogoin store) will remain open, the offices will be closed, so we can unfortunately not process any orders or reply to any e-mails until the morning of the 22nd. Of course, as usual, we will still receive any e-mails you send us and we will get back to you as soon as we are back in the office on Tuesday (22nd).

Donatella with her candied Strawberries

Donatella with her candied Strawberries