2014/07/25 – Nominee no.4 is…


The rainy season has come to an end together with the last of the Ato Matsuri that ended yesterday. So for the latest week, we haven’t seen much rain, but instead we are now hit by a unbearable heat combined with high humidity. Even the Japanese people says that the climate in Kyoto is significantly different from the rest of Japan, freezing in the winter and blazing hot in the Summer. The special weather conditions no doubt has to do with the landscape Kyoto is situated in, being surrounded by mountains, essentially giving it the shape of a giant frying pan.

But even in the heat of summer, there is places that offer soothing relief even during the hottest of days. One of these places being deep in the mountains in Kibune, where you can experience the luxury of eating while sitting on one of the dining platforms on the Kibune River, also called “Kawadoko” in Japanese. The since the Kawadoko of Kibune are situated in the northern mountains of Kyoto, there is a certain cool breeze in the air and hearing the sound of running water just besides you while eating is a experience you can not get anywhere else. It’s also popular to put your tired feet into the cold river running just below the Kawadoko to relax while having a chat with your companions, truly a unique experience of the summer in Kyoto.

Now it’s high time to announce our 4th nominee for the 7th ‘Win a trip to Japan’ campaign here at Tozando. Congratulations to Cyril Tse from Canada, for you are our 4th nominee! A week passes by in flash and we are already at the 4th Nominee, which means we still have 7 nominees left to be picked! There is still plenty of chances to get picked, so don’t get discouraged, next time it might be you.

Lastly, just as a reminder, on the Obon is coming up again in August, and as usual, the employees of Tozando and most other Japanese companies will get some time off to visit their families and relatives living far away and paying their respects at their ancestral graves. This year, the Obon will be from the 13th the 17th of August and during this time, we will unfortunately not be able to reply any of your e-mails or process your orders. Please also note that since this “holiday” not only concerns Tozando but a lot of other companies we are working with, it’s possible that some orders that were supposed to be shipped during this period will be delayed for 1 week or so. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this and thank you for your understanding.