2014/07/31 – Free Tozando Bogu Backpack with all orders for 3mm, 5mm & Tombo Bogu’s!


Tozando is well known for it’s high quality custom-made products, but many may forget that we also offer more affordable products, such as our line of fit-stitched Kendo Bogu sets. So starting today, and until the 17th of August, we will offer our fit-stitched 3mm, 5mm and Tombo Bogu sets with a very handy and durable Tozando Bogu Backpack for easy carrying.

Traditional Bogu bags in all honor, but sometimes a backpack just does a better job, especially if you walk or use your bicycle to get your Dojo. So don’t miss the chance to get a great Bogu together with a free Bogu Backpack!