2014/08/01 – We are halfway through ‘Win a Trip to Japan’!


Many of you might have seen our recent activities on Facebook announcing our special collaboration project with ‘Hello Kitty’ and ‘One Piece’. This is a project we have been working with for a long time and unfortunately due to license issues we won’t be able to sell the final products to our international customers, even though we would like nothing more as it would also promote the development of Kendo overseas. However at this time we can only distribute the products within Japan. If you have already read President Kimura’s article, you will know that we are doing it all for the children of Japanese Kendo, hoping that it would spark their interest in Budo and help preserve the values of Budo for the future generations. 

We hope that by doing these special projects such as the Shundo project, the Tohoku Training Session project and now of course these special collaboration projects, we can help the Budo community in different ways around the world.

We are already half-way through the 7th ‘win a trip to japan’ campaign, really, time sure flies by! This week we have chosen our 5th Nominee, so we say congratulations to Nivard Koning from the Netherlands. We wish you the best of luck for the final drawing in mid-September!

As we also mentioned last week, Obon is coming up again soon, and as usual, the employees of Tozando and most other Japanese companies will get some time off to visit their families and relatives living far away and paying their respects at their ancestral graves. This year, the Obon will be from the 13th the 17th of August and during this time, we will unfortunately not be able to reply any of your e-mails or process your orders. Please also note that since this “holiday” not only concerns Tozando but a lot of other companies we are working with, it’s possible that some orders that were supposed to be shipped during this period will be delayed for 1 week or so. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this and thank you for your understanding.