2014/08/22 – *NEW* Embroidered Zekken/Tare name with Flag!


We are proud to announce our new embroidered Kendo Zekken, also called “Nafuda” or “Tare-name” that comes with a embroidered flag! Up until now many people sew on a embroidered piece of fabric that has been bought elsewhere to their Zekken when they take part in international competitions. Now we can offer a more uniform and good looking alternative, with the text and the flag embroidered directly onto the Zekken. No more need to polish your stitching skills, and be afraid that your flag will embarrassingly fall off during practice. Concentrate on your Kendo and we will take care of the Zekken!

This beautiful Zekken is of course made right here in Kyoto by our craftsmen, so quality-wise it is the same as the Zekken we know you all know and love. This new product comes just in time for the World Championships, so to be sure that your team have their Zekken in time, get it now before it is too late.