2014/09/19 – Delay in announcement of Win a Trip to Japan 7 Winner


The weather has changed greatly the last week in Kyoto, it was actually a bit chilly outside today, although it doesn’t stop people from wearing short sleeves yet, that time might be approaching faster than we think. Soon we might have to start wearing long armed shirts and put on our suits again, in true Japanese salary-man fashion. Although it can be a hassle some times, it does make you look sharper! Of course though, when it comes to Tozando, it doesn’t matter if we are wearing short sleeves summer shirts or are fully suited up, we are still the best in our field and aim to provide the best quality and service to our customers at all times, of course!

We know that the nominees of our 7th ‘Win a Trip to Japan’ event are eagerly waiting for the announcement of who that will be the final winner, as we also have gotten e-mails for some of them asking when we will make the announcement. We are afraid that you will have to wait a bit longer as the winner has still not been decided. We will try to make the announcement as soon as possible, but it we are afraid that it might take a few more business days before we can finally confirm our final winner, please bear with us for a while longer. 

Please also note that since Tuesday (the 23rd) next week is a public holiday in Japan, the office will be closed and no order processing, or customer service will be available at that day. But of course we will be here on Monday and from Wednesday on, so don’t worry, we won’t be gone for long!