2014/09/26 – Free name engraving for Bokken & Shinai


Most of us mere folks don’t usually name our belongings, but we all know of a couple who names their cars, bikes etc. And most of us could probably learn a thing or two from these guys. How many of us have lost a Shinai or Bokken during grading or competitions? Especially a good quality one bought for the occasion that probably had an odometer reading of 1. 

Therefore, we at Tozando figured that we would do mankind a service by offering FREE laser engraving (up to 10 characters) for all Shinai and Bokken/Jo/Bo bought from our store. Now you will be able to name your Shinai and/or Bokken, show it off to your friends and intimidate your opponents! (The last one may be a bit far fetched but not entirely impossible). Don’t forget to click “Add to cart” for it to show on your order, otherwise your Shinai/Bokken will remain nameless~

To add to that, as we’re entering the grading and competition season, Tozando would also like to help all the stressed out Kenshi by extending our 10% discount on all Shinai and Bokken to the 9th of October 2014. 

We hope you like the double hit combo that we’re offering for the next two weeks and will look forward to your orders!