2014/09/26 – We haven’t forgotten, Dream Kote update!


We know that a lot of people, including the people involved in our Dream Kote campaign of course, are anxious to know about the progress of this project. We can now tell you that our president, Mr. Kimura has seen the designs supplied by our Dream Kote teams, and given our craftsmen permission to start procuring any materials that they might need to continue this project.

Since we had some really revolutionary designs and ideas coming from our Kote Dreamers, our craftsmen have been scratching their heads and wracking their brains on how to implement these new designs into a usable Kote. This project is currently a hot topic among our craftsmen and many heated discussions have been held to figure out how to realize this project. We can’t say that it will be easy, but rest assured that we are working on it, as this is a challenge for our craftsmen, young and old, there is sure to be a lot of trials and errors but we will keep you updated all the way to the finish line!

Craftsmen working on the Dream Kotes at Tozando!