2014/10/30 – Regarding Tozando Holidays in November


If you have been looking on our calendar at our webpage, you might have noticed that there is two public holidays in Japan in November, first is on the 3rd of November and isCulture Day and also there is a holiday on the 24th of November, which is ‘Labor Thanksgiving Day’. As usual, this is to notify you that the office will be closed on these days which means that no order processing, phone/email customer support or shipping will be done on this two days.

But there is one more thing that we need to notify you of, and that is that Tozando will be having our annual company trip on the 11th-13th of November this year. During this time, the offices and also all our stores will be closed. So please note that as with above, we can not supply any customer support. process any orders or shipping any orders during this time. But don’t worry, we will be available again on the day after and we will take care of your orders and all your e-mails to the best of our abilities once we are back and refreshed! It seems we are going to the Tohoku area to see the new factory in Iwate among other things this year, so we will try to take some pictures to post when we are back on the 14th!

So just to summarize. the Tozando office will be closed on the 3rd, 11th-13th and the 24th of November due to Japanese public holidays and also our annual company trip. on the 11th-13th, the stores will also be closed, so please be careful if you plan to visit our stores in November!