2014/11/20 – SHUNDOU Special Edition Blu-ray Set, now available on Tozando!


Good news for all international Jidaigeki fans, we just made the SHUNDOU Special Edition Blu-ray Set available for our international customers on Tozandoshop.
For those who don’t know, SHUNDOU is a critically acclaimed period samurai movie directed by Mr. Yasuo Mikami which also have been featured in the Hawaii International Film Festival on April 4 and the 5th in 2014, getting great reviews from Jidaigeki fans coming from all over the world! Through a collaboration with Tozando, a special Iaito was also created especially for this movie, our Toryumon SHUNDOU version Iaito, was featured and used by the leading character, Harada Daihachiro, played by Hira Takehiro. 

As of today, we have gotten permission to resell the SHUNDOU Special Edition Blu-ray Set to our international fans through Tozandoshop. Previously the movie could only be bought domestically in Japan or through various importers, but now it will be easily accessible through the Tozando online store! So for all of those who wanted to see the movie but couldn’t get the Blu-rays, which is the only version that includes English subtitles, this is it!

The SHUNDOU special edition Blu-ray set also includes over 200mins of special footage of how the movie was made, without usage of any CG or fast-forwarding, get it today!