2014/11/28 – Tozando members in annual Kendo tournament

Here in Kyoto a inter-company Kendo tournament, called ‘Jitsugyodan Taikai’, is held annually to promote friendly exchange between companies in Kyoto.

Since Tozando is a Budo company, of course we have our own team of Kenshi participating in this tournament. This year the tournament was held on the 13th of October in the Butokuden and as usual our team was there to fight it out with the representatives from companies in Kyoto prefecture. This year our team consisted of our newly instated 7-dan Renshi, Hayashi-sensei, which many of you probably know. Mr. Nakata Takumi, our master Bogu craftman, who is also a 5-dan Kenshi and 3-dan Mr. Unzei (also known as the “happy Kote craftsman”) among other Tozando employees also participated in the tournament. Of course, being a Budo company, we not only participated, but we also got some great results in the tournament!

The Tozando team came in 3rd place in the team tournament with the combined efforts of the team. But not only that, Hayashi-sensei placed 2nd in the ‘6-dan and above’ category, and in the ‘5-dan’ category, Mr. Muroki, one of our Bogu experts came in 1st place, claiming a honorable victory for Tozando! Also Mr. Unzei and Mr. Matsuda in the 3-dan category placed 2nd and 3rd respectively. So Tozando is not only selling Bogu and Kendo equipment, we also have a team of strong Kenshi among our employees! 

You can see the original article in it’s entirety, publicized in the “Kyoto Shimbun” newspaper below and of course, we have also included a picture of the Tozando Kendo Team for your viewing pleasure!

companytournament picture_r

companytournament paper