2014/12/01 – November FB campaign 2nd & 3rd week winners


It’s already December, but as you might know we were running a campaign to thank you customers, for giving us 30,000+ likes on Facebook during November. And we were supposed to draw four random and lucky representatives from the orders received during each week in November and give them each 30,000 reward points to use as they see fit. Following the announcement of the first of the winners last week, we now have a double announcement this week for the 2nd and 3rd winner!

So first of all we would like to congratulate Mrs. Anna Jacobson from the United states, she is the winner of the second week in November, and we also congratulate Mr. Rob Ingram from Canada who is the winner of the third week in November! Both of them have been awarded 30,000 reward points each to spend on Tozando! They have also sent us a comment regarding their experience with Tozando so far, which we have published on the event page, so feel free to click the link to see what they have to say!
Again, many congratulations to both Mrs. Anna Jacobson and Mr. Rob Ingram!

the 4th and last winner has also been contacted, so if you placed an order in the last week of November, be sure to check your mail, cause you might be the last winner of 30,000 reward points!
The last announcement will be done as soon as we have confirmed the last winner!