2014/12/03 – The last winner of November FB campaign!


So we are finally down to our last winner of the November campaign, which we started to thank you customers for giving us 30,000+ likes on our Facebook page. Our four random and lucky representatives have all received 30,000 reward points each to use as they see fit. 

So Congratulations to Mrs. Isabella Pavesi from Italy, you are our last winner and 30,000 reward points have already been added to your account for your pleasure. Mrs. Isabella have also sent us a comment regarding her experience with Tozando so far, which we have published on the event page, so feel free to click the link to see what she and the other winners have to say!

Thank you all for participating and shopping with Tozando, it has been a fun event and our lucky winners all seemed to be very happy about it, so let’s do it again when we hit 40,000 likes! 
Until then please take care and look forward to the next great event from Tozando!