2015/04/02 – New Tozando Nishijin Bag Fabrics!


As most of our customers that has visited our headquarters in Kyoto knows, Tozando is based in an area called ‘Nishijin’ in Kyoto. This area in Kyoto has always been known to produce intricate and beautiful brocades and Kimono fabrics since the Heian period, which is over 1200 years ago!  Nowadays the Nishijin textiles are used for luxurious Kimono and recently it was also used for the costumes of a recent Japanese period Drama with stunning results.

As Tozando has the privilege to be based in the Nishijin Area, and have some of the most skilled craftsmen around, we are the only company that creates true Nishijin Brocade products made right here in Kyoto for your Budo needs! 
We have just added a few new fabrics to our Tozando Nishijin Custom Brocade Bag products, which includes bags for Kendo Bogu, Shinai and Iaito, today. The new patterns includes a very beautiful flower pattern called “Hyakkaryoran” and also a pattern featuring the “Phoenix” and lastly a Dragon patterned fabric, which are all available on our webpage now! Some people might also be delighted to know that we have also updated the pictures of the patterns with more high resolution pictures for your viewing pleasure.

So please have a look!