2015/06/29 – Exclusive interview with Kiwada Daiki and Hayashi Takahiro from Tozando


It has been a month since the WKC went down in the halls of the Budokan in Tokyo, and as most of the participants know, several of our staff members were present in our booth, including international sales staff member Yu Bo Hua,  the Kote craftsman Unzei Kazuki and Kendo 7-dan Renshi, Hayashi Takahiro. But what you perhaps don’t know is that in-between the matches the former All-Japan Kendo champion, Mr. Kiwada Daiki, came and visited our booth and together with our own Hayashi-sensei, they were interviewed by “Kendo-Jin” (剣道人), a Kendo Magazine in Japan, regarding our Mokkei Kote that is famously worn by Mr. Kiwada himself! Since the finished article has now been featured in the latest edition of Kendo-Jin, we have decided to share it with everyone! 

Since we know that most of our customers might not be able to read the article as it is in Japanese, we have provided a complete translation of the article for you together with the original below. So please check it out and hear that Kiwada himself has to say about the Mokkei Kote!

Just as a side-note, in the article Hayashi-sensei talks about the “Konyakko” Kote, this refers to the style of Kote where half of the knuckle is made in leather and the other half in Orizashi Cotton, it is a rather “old fashioned” style, but one that provides the advantages of the lightness and breathability of the cotton and at the same time the durability of leather where it really matters. The Mokkei Kote, although unpopular at the time, has brought this style back in fashion and is now used by numerous players all around the world.

Get the whole article here:
201506 – KendoJin Tozando Mokkei Kote


2015/07/03 – Update: To celebrate the Mokkei Kote being featured in KendoJin, we are now offering a 2000JPY discount on the Mokkei Kote, making the total price 17,800JPY for a pair of Mokkei Kote, and this offer will last until the end of July!