2015/07/06 – Win a Trip to Japan 8 Winners!


The rainy season has set in and Kyoto is plagued by rain most days in the week, besides some of the days where it becomes unbearably sunny and hot due to the high humidity in Kyoto. Kyoto is often said to be a valley of sorts, with mountains in all directions, protecting it but also heavily influencing the weather, making the weather conditions in Kyoto slightly different from the surrounding regions. Kyoto is hot and humid in the summer and cold and dry in the winter, with the spring and autumn being the most comfortable seasons to come visit. That being said, there is of course not only bad things with Kyoto in summer or winter, since the summer brings the marvelous mountains to life with it’s greenery and the mild evenings are full with events and festivals that can be experienced, while the winter invites you to see the grand shrines and temples covered in a neat layer of white snow which is a experience in itself to say the least! So every season there is something to see in Kyoto, and something different from the last season, making it a great year round destination for visitors of Japan.

That being said, it is summer and the next big event coming up in Kyoto is no doubt the Gion Matsuri, in which the main event is held between the 14th-17th of July and since the Ato Matsuri is being held again this year, after being held for the first time in 48 years last year, returning the Gion Matsuri to it’s original form, there will also be the Ato Matsuri which is held between the 21st-24th of July!

It was our intention to invite our both winners to experience the Gion Matsuri in Kyoto, but because of the short notice, we are afraid that it was not possible to arrange a trip for both of our winners to Kyoto during the Gion Matsuri, so after much discussion with the winners, we have decided to invite the other winner at a later time, it’s also because of this that the announcement was delayed this time around, which we would like to apologize for.

Now, who are the two winners of the 8th edition of the ‘Win a Trip to Japan’ campaign on Tozando? We are happy to without further delay, announce that the winners are…….. Mr. Christian Domittner from Austria and Mr. Damon Schearer from Australia! Congratulations to both of you, you are the winners of the 8th and the 25th anniversary edition of ‘Win a Trip to Japan’! We much look forward to welcome Mr. Christian Domittner to Kyoto on the 13th and will do our best to guide him around the Gion Matsuri and other sights all around Kyoto! As for Mr. Damon Schearer, we will hopefully be able to invite him to Kyoto in November, just in time for the Maple leaf season to start in Kyoto. 

We would also like to thank all of our nominees and participants this time around, thank you for always shopping with Tozando! Although we can’t invite all of you to Kyoto like the winners, we welcome you to visit Kyoto if you have a chance. We will gladly be there to welcome you in our stores in Kyoto or the showroom in Tokyo! Although the ‘Win a Trip to Japan’ is over for this time, we are planning to hold another event, possibly, before the end of the year, so please do not be disappointed, because next time, it might be your turn to Win a Trip to Japan on Tozando!