2015/07/30 – Free T-shirt with orders over 25,000JPY!

UPDATE: Thank you for participating in our campaign, we regret to announce that we have run out of stock of all sizes of our T-shirt, this marks the end of this campaign, we have instead brought back the tenugui campaign with the same conditions as before, Thank you for your understanding.

As part of our 25th anniversary campaign, we have been giving out free tenugui’s to customer who orders for a value more than 25,000JPY for a while now, and this time, since we are in the middle of the hot summer her in Kyoto and we are sure that most of you are enjoying a good summer in your own country also, we are exchanging the offer for a free T-shirt, which can be used underneath your Gi to prevent unwanted stickiness during the hotter months of the year or just a regular summer t-shirt!
Since the amount of stock we have for this product is limited, we can only offer it as long as we have stock for it, so once the stocks run out, unfortunately it will be gone.
This campaign is will start taking effect on the 31st of July!

Now, the T-shirt comes in 3 sizes, M, L and XL. Please mind that these are Japanese sizes, so they might be slightly smaller than your average European/USA size.
If you want a specific size, please write which size you would like in the order comments when you place your order. Please note that If there is no comment about the size of the T-shirt, we will send a random size from our stock.

Needless to say, thin and breathe-able wear is always welcome in the Asian region when even Kyoto sees temperatures up to 38 Celsius in summer.
But we hope that the t-shirt will come in good use during the coming months when the Dojo practice starts again after the summer holidays also in Europe and the US!

*Please note that the actual product might be slightly different from the picture.