2015/11/10 – Tozando closed due to annual Study & Training Program


We would like to announce that the annual Study & Training program at Tozando will be held during the 15th (Sun), to the 17th (Tue) of November this year.  During this time the Tozando office and stores will be closed due to all employees participating in the study & training program, where we will dedicate some time to further train our employees and improve our services.

Because of this we wish to inform all our customers that we will not be available for any customer support by phone or e-mail and not be able to process or ship any orders received during the 15th-17th of November. Also as mentioned above, all our stores in Kyoto will be closed, so please be careful if you plan to visit us in Kyoto during this time!  

The online stores, and physical stores will start operating as usual again on the morning of the 18th (Wed) of November 10AM in Japanese Standard Time. 

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.