2016/10/07 – Tozando Hybrid Indigo Leather Bogu Set “KIWAMI” Available soon”


The Tozando Hybrid Indigo-leather Premium Kendo Bogu Set, will be made available soon on Tozandoshop.com!

Those who have been following us on our homepage and on Facebook, will know that this a new type of Kendo Bogu using the Hybrid Indigo-leather [KIWAMI] material that is a type of synthetic leather that has been dyed with genuine Japanese indigo-dye, but does not stain or bleed like traditional indigo-dyed deerskin would do. It’s also lighter and more durable and has very good breathability among other things.

The new Hybrid Indigo-leather [KIWAMI] Bogu set has already proved to be a huge success in the booth events that we have been holding all over Japan to introduce this Bogu, and soon we will make make it available for our international customers also!

So please look forwards to a proper announcement as soon as we are ready to accept orders for international customers on www.tozandoshop.com!