2017/02/17 – Top 3 most sold Aikido Hakama Ranking

This year our longtime bestseller, the Tozando Deluxe Polyester Aikido Hakama “UME” celebrates it’s 20th anniversary! To think it has already been 20 years since we launched this Hakama here at Tozando, and ever since then, it has been out no.1 selling Aikido Hakama, for a good reason!

For such as joyous moment, we have made a list of the currently top 3 selling Aikido Hakama on Tozando:

1. Tozando Deluxe Polyester Aikido Hakama “UME”

2. Tozando Standard Tetron Aikido Hakama

3. Mitsuboshi Memory Pleats Deluxe Tetron Aikido Hakama

For a limited time, we will be offering a 10% discount on all three Hakama in the top 3 list, to allow people who have yet experienced their quality to try them out!

This campaign will be valid until the 5th March, so don’t miss out, go check it out now on Tozando!