Does the free shipping apply to my country?

Free shipping from Tozando is generally valid for all the products which are listed as such, for example for Bokken, Iaito, etc. for most of the major countries in the world.  However, please note that there are countries to which we unfortunately can not offer ‘free shipping’, due to special circumstances. For example, this could be for countries in which the current situation is unstable or for countries where post couriers have difficulties to ship to.  If there is any doubt, please feel free to contact our customer support and inquire about it.

Can I pickup my order in your store?

Yes, you can place and order on our website and by choosing “In-Store Pickup” in the shipping method field when checking out your order, you can pickup your order at any of our stores. Please note that we do not always have all products in stock at our store, so be sure to check the estimated shipping times and place your order with a good margin before your trip to Japan. 

Which package delivery company do you use?

When choosing your shipping method, you can select one the following package delivery company: – DHL (normally takes around 3-5 business days) – UPS (normally takes 2-4 business days) – EMS (takes around 3-5 business days) Please, note that depending on your shipping address, due to technical limitations (size or weight of parcel) we might not be able to ship some items via the selected company. In addition, please note that depending on partnership agreements between package delivery companies in your country, your parcel might be delivered by a different company. Finally, keep in mind that Tozando reserves the right to change the shipping method for any order containing a “Free Shipping” item without prior notice.