What is Loquat?


Loquat or ‘Biwa’ is a tree that is mostly found in the southern parts of Japan, it’s a tree that is grown mainly for it’s fruit. However, the wood from this tree also makes for a great Bokken. 

Loquat wood is known for it’s characteristic color and the smooth feel of the wood. As the wood also features excellent impact resistance due to it’s flexibility, being hard without being brittle, since it unlike most of the “hard woods” retains it’s flexibility even after being dried and made into a Bokken. This made it the choice of many master swordsmen in the past, as many samurai also considered a Loquat Bokken as a reliable weapon rather than a simple substitute for a real sword. It’s also said by some that Miyamoto Musashi prefered to used Loquat for his Bokken. 

However, nowadays it’s increasingly hard to get a hold of good loquat wood, making it as rare or even rarer than Sunuke. Thanks to this the price has risen considerably and made the Loquat Bokken a luxury item.