What is Tetsuboku?

In Asia, Tetsuboku is known for it’s hardness, hence ‘Tetsuboku’ which literary means “Iron Wood”. As the name suggests, this material can be said to be one of the hardest materials used for making Bokken today.

Bokken made out of this wood are excellent for Kata and Suburi practice, however, since the fibers are not as strong as for example White Oak, it is NOT recommended for full contact training.

The quality of Tetsuboku wood is very stable and it’s rare to see unwanted warping in Bokken’s made out of Tetsuboku. Also since Tetsuboku naturally consists of high rates of Polyphenol, this wood has a naturally strong antibacterial and preservative qualities. Even if submerged in water, it has a high durability even without any artificial preservatives, it is said to hold for 100 years.