2013/09/12 – Best Product Review Contest 2

At Tozando we value our customers opinions, not only because we love to see a satisfied customer, but also because the we believe that we still have room for much improvement and your critical reviews gives us good hints of where and what we need to improve.

As such we are proud to present the 2nd ‘Best Product Review’ contest.  as with last time, the best product review will receive a full cash back, for the product he/she has reviewed. But that’s not all, there is also some very nice 2nd and 3rd place prizes where we offer 5000 resp. 1000 reward points to the lucky winners, which can be used on the next 0rder from us.

So if you have recently bought something from us and still haven’t written a review, this is your chance! To read more about the rules and format of the contest, please check out the campaign page below.


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