2015/06/19 – Win a trip to Japan 8 – The last nominee has been decided!

It’s been a while since the last news post regarding Win a trip to Japan, to be honest, we had a very busy month with the World Kendo Championships in Tokyo at the end of May,
and also the customers who came to Kyoto to stop by our stores after the tournament. Thank you all for coming to our booth at the 16th WKC in Tokyo and of course also a big thanks to those who visited out new Showroom in Tokyo! If you happen to be in Tokyo and want to check out some high quality Tozando products, please feel free to check it out, we have just updated our information page with the addresses and directions for the Tokyo Showroom! Of course, we are also humbled and thankful for all those customers who chose to stop by Kyoto while they were in Japan due to the WKC and whom we met in our stores, thank you very much for your time and we hope that all of you had a great time in Kyoto. We hope to see you again in the future!

Now, we are happy to say that the last nominee of the Win a Trip to Japan 8 competition has been chosen, finally after a few nominees who didn’t replied to their e-mails and unfortunately lost their chance this time, we would like to Congratulate Mr. Vu Minh from Vietnam, as he is the last nominee this time around and with that we have a total of 12 nominees this time around from all over the world. We are very excited and anxious to know who the final two winners will be, but we will keep you wondering a while longer as the final drawing will be made next week and once we have gotten the confirmations, we will make a proper announcement as usual! So stay alert, especially if you are a nominee reading this, cause you never know, we might be sending you an e-mail next week and at that time, you better be ready to send us your reply so that you do not miss your chance to Win a Trip to Japan!