2016/03/31 – Tozando Color Aikido Belts Renewed

We have renewed our lineup of colored Aikido Obi Belts, they now come in a total of 8 colors, and are made directly in the Tozando Iwate Factory, in Japan.
The belts have 9 lines of stitching to promote rigidity, which eventually with usage will make the Obi very soft and comfortable, and are made with high quality 100% cotton.

Each belt is made by hand by our experienced craftsmen who uses their skills to make high quality Japanese Obi according to traditional craftsmanship.
We will also renew the white/unbleached and black belt lineups very soon, and not only will the quality of our Obi become even better than before, but we should also be able to ship the products a lot faster, since the production has been optimized!

So start with checking out the Tozando Color Aikido Obi Belts! more will follow shortly!