2016/09/23 – NEW Suzaku series Custom-made Iaito!

Today we at Tozando are very proud to be able to present you with the New Suzaku series Custom-made Iaito!

As you might know our Kyoto Iaito Workshop has been experimenting with a lot of new Iaito designs lately, which we also posted pictures of on Facebook before, now, all these new options will be available to all our customers as the new Suzaku series Custom-made Iaito!

But this is not just another Iaito, with new designs of Tsuba, Fuchi/Kashira and so on, Tozando’s Suzaku Custom Iaito has an impressive presence that feels and looks like a “Shinken”, and it also has the weight and the balance closely resembling a genuine Nihonto.

Unlike the imitation swords that were made up until now, where the blade was made using sand-casting, the Suzaku Custom Iaito uses high precision gravity-casting to produce a special reinforced alloy sword blade.

This special reinforced GT metal is a unique alloy that Tozando has developed especially for use in Iaito, compared to the zinc alloy used until now, it’s a comparably lighter and stronger alloy, making it a ideal alloy for making Iaito. Also by using gravity-casting, it is not only possible to considerably lessen the rate of defect products by using a high quality metallic cast, but we can also make highly precise blades that replicate the minute details, elegance and dignity of a genuine Nihonto.

The fact that we decided to use Shinken-hi and Marutome for the Bo-hi (groove) for this sword(2.40, 2.45 and 2.45 Shaku) by default(the shorter comes with Kakinagashi), which usually is something that is only seen in Shinken, shows our dedication towards creating a genuine Shinken Koshirae experience for our customers.

Tozando’s Suzaku Custom Iaito is not just assembled in Kyoto, all parts, such as the blade itself, or the Habaki and the Sageo are made by our craftsmen in Kyoto. As we know that proper Tsuka-wrapping is very important when doing Iai, since if the Tsuka himo is not wrapped tightly you won’t be able to grip the Tsuka properly, this is why the Suzaku Custom Iaito features high quality Tsuka wrapping that could even be used on a Shinken Koshirae. Even the more complex procedures such as the Tsuka-wrapping and the Saya lacquering are carefully and thoroughly done by our professional craftsmen in Kyoto. To control the quality on every detail of the production, Tozando also have several high rank Iaido instructors among our staff for quality assurance.

Tozando’s Suzaku Iaito series have received high acclaims not only among Iaido and Battodo practitioners in Japan, but has also been used in periodic samurai drama, movies and stage plays due to its realism and the superior quality. For those who have yet to own their Iaito and even for those who already have got the Iaito, we are very proud to introduce this Suzaku Custom Iaito. Once you have the Tozando Suzaku Custom Iaito in your hand, the difference will be like night and day, and you will never look back again.