2016/11/28 – NEW ‘MICHI’ model Kendo Kote

Tozando has always been know for it’s high quality products, but as most of you probably know, quality often comes with a price there after.

So is it impossible to make something that is both functional, durable and price efficient?

We are proud to be able to present you with the new “MICHI” model Kendo Kote today! The MICHI model is a light weight, easy to use Kote with great durability and impact absorption, at a very competitive price for 12,800JPY with free international shipping! 
By using a new type of padding, we have been able to produce a extremely lightweight, yet thicker and more protective type of Futon for this Kote.
This Kote is up to 20% thicker than conventional Kote, providing great protection from hits, we have designed the right-hand Kote so that the Futon is thicker to protect the hit zone, and the left-hand Kote so that it’s slightly thinner to make it easier to move with.

This Kote also features our ‘Oji-cut’ wrist, providing a much more natural angle for the wrist when wearing the Kote.
We have also designed the Kote-atama so that it will be easier to grip your Shinai, thanks to the natural grip shape. Not only this but thanks to the carefully prepared materials and the skills of our craftsmen, we have also made this Kote so that the Kote Himo will not shift and easily open up the Kote unnecessary with time, which is a very common problem, keeping the proper elegant shape of your Kote as it should be! 

Since the Kote is made in Orizashi Cotton, it will also dry very fast and easy to maintain, so it’s a prefect choice for use in Summer and highly recommended for any Kendoka!

Check out the new MICHI model Kendo Kote here!