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What is “Hybrid Indigo Leather” (KIWAMI)?

Hybrid Indigo Leather is a new type of synthetic leather that has been dyed with traditional Japanese Indigo-dye, and is the result of many years of research by the engineers at Tozando. It was once said, that trying to dye synthetic leather using genuine Indigo-dye would be an impossible task. Read More

2016-04-27 – KIWAMI Kote Facebook Giveaway campaign!

To celebrate the new [KIWAMI] series of Bogu sets made by Tozando, we have decided to hold a raffle on Facebook, where the winner of each event (in a total of 3 events) will get a free [KIWAMI] series Kote! You can check out the full details of this campaign Read More

2016/04/26 – NEW [KIWAMI] series Kendo Bogu!

For those of you that were present at the AKC and EKC tournaments, you know that we brought some new Bogu models with us the display at our booth, namely the [KIWAMI] series Hybrid Indigo Leather Kendo Bogu models. So with all the Bogu models out there, what makes this Read More