What is African Ebony?

As the name suggests this wood comes from a tree originated mainly in Africa, and the South East Asia. The usual wood that comes from this tree has a color gradation that goes from jet black to dark brown. However, rarely there is some wood that is completely black. African Ebony is very strong and dense, however, since the fibers of this wood are not as strong as for example those of Japanese White Oak, it’s brittle and not recommended for full contact training. 

Being extremely dense and hard, the trees that produce this wood takes a long time to grow, it’s said that to it takes around 200 years for the tree to reach a diameter of 20 cm. This is why it is said that in the near-future, there will be no way to get your hands on a Bokken made of this material.

Because of this wood being extremely rare and also because of the high price, it’s mostly used for viewing or decoration because of the beauty of the naturally black wood.