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Kendo kids wearing Bogu set to prepare Kaiko

Moving Beyond Beginner Level! Be mindful of the ki, the sword, and the body vol. 3

Master Kendo Step The last of the 3 factors is the “body”. This refers to the position and footwork as you pull out the moves of men, kote, do, and tsuki. Especially your foot is very important in your position, posture, and movement. How to use your foot in stepping Read More

Kendo Footwork Ashisabaki

Mastering the Kendo Footwork

Kendo footwork is so unique and probably does not exist in any other sport. The basic footwork is called “suri-ashi” (sliding feet). First, your right foot should be placed forward and the heel should be raised slightly off the floor. Be mindful that the gap between your right heel and Read More

Kyoto Butokuden Floor

Getting Floored in Kendo

Dojo literally means “place of the Way.” The word is a translation of the Sanskrit term “bodhi-manda” which refers to the “Diamond seat,” where Gautama attained nirvana sitting under the Bodhi tree. Thus, Dojo originally meant “a place where Buddhism is studied.” Kendo is not Buddhism, but because of the Read More