Budo can be competitive too, so how does it differ from sport?

Victory over the Self By MLS It is axiomatic among budoka that budo is not a sport, and there are good reasons for it; instead of chasing a higher score or a faster time by any means necessary, budo practitioners are looking to develop their minds and bodies, beyond questions Read More

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Are Budo and Sports Complimentary?

By: Dr. Anil Sahal After training in the dojo and over a glass of beer, there are often discussions between martial artists about the relationship between budo and sport. Those who see themselves as ‘traditionalists’ express a disdain for martial arts being used in the sporting context feeling that the Read More

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The Beloved Blade of Kondo Isami

The Search for the Mysterious Sword “Kotetsu” By now, many will be aware of Kondo Isami. The broad faced bull with a sharp, piercing stare. He was the head of the Shinsengumi, a secret police force appointed by the Shogunate to subdue unrest in Kyoto and bring unruly samurai groups Read More

Kendo Kata demonstration with Biwa(loquat) bokken wooden stick

Waxing Wooden Weapons

Tozando How To’s -How to apply wax to your wooden weapons- One of the easiest methods to make sure your wooden weapons are protected from the elements is by applying a wax. In this article we will explain one method for applying paraffin wax to your bokken. The reason we Read More

Caring for Wooden Weapons

An introduction to taking care of your wooden weapons An introduction to taking care of your wooden weapons A large part of being a modern Budoka is the ability to take care of your own equipment. This is especially true for wooden weapons. Proper upkeep is vital and can help Read More

– Jacques Payet Sensei – Part. 6

An Interview with a Master: Part 6. A: Well, there are many stories. Many of them are in the book. He loved to party and anytime there was an opportunity to party he would and sometimes for no reason he would just ask us to bring beer. He did not Read More