Kendo Kihon Kamae with right foot forward

Why is it forbidden to put our left foot forward?

In kendo, you are often told not to put your left foot in front when you enter your kamae. There is no actual rule regarding that kind of position, and in fact there are many positions where your left side is in front, such as the hidari-jodan, hasso-kamae, and waki-gamae. Read More

Kyoto Old Butokuden - Holy Land of Budo

Kendo Kyoto Taikai held at Old Butokuden

There are many kendo competitions like the All Japan Championships. One such competition is the “Kyoto Taikai”. This is known as a famous competition nationwide, and the official name is not “Kyoto Taikai”, but the “All Japan Kendo Enbu Taikai”. The purpose of the All Japan Kendo Enbu Taikai is Read More

Sasaki Kojiro and Tsubame-gaeshi sword technique

Secret Technique: Tsubame-gaeshi

There are many moves in kenjutsu, and one of them is the “Tsubame-gaeshi”. Not only those who have taken up sword-fighting, but anyone who knows Miyamoto Musashi would have heard of this famous move at least once. Tsubame-gaeshi is a technique where you swing the sword in front on your Read More

A lady Kenshi getting ready for Kendo

Advice for Passing the Examination

Kendo has grade examinations, and the first to take is the shodan examination. For those who begin kendo from junior high school, this shodan examination can become an early goal. Some people hear the word “shodan” (first grade) and think it can’t be too hard. But not everyone who takes Read More

Kenshi putting Kendo Men

Preparing Your Mind To Win

In Kendo, as your prepare yourself mentally in order to win matches, the first thing to note is that it is a sport against someone else. If you try and do things that your opponent doesn’t like, you can gain the upper hand. To do that, it is important to Read More

Ladder Training

Some Different Kinds of Kendo Practice

Kendo includes many different kinds of practices, and there are some really odd ones too. Some of them are done without any protective gear on. There are different kinds of gear-less practices, and one I’d like to recommend is footwork practice. Many people will be imaging holding a shinai normally Read More

Kendo Professional Image

Are there Professional Kendo Players?

There are professional soccer players and baseball players. How about kendo players? That depends on the definition of “professional”, but if see it as making a living through the sport, making a living only through kendo matches, there is no system for playing kendo professionally in Japan. Some combative sports Read More

Kendo Sonkyo position

Sonkyo – The Lion’s Position in Kendo

Kendo is a martial art that takes manners seriously. Players bow before the match, fight hard once the match begins, and then bow politely whether they win or lose. During this ordeal, there is a position called sonkyo (crouching). In modern kendo sonkyo is often called the “lion’s position”, and Read More

Is Kendo a sport?

Kendo existed before WWII but it used to be called “kenjutsu” and was considered a type of ancient martial arts, today around the world many people view Kendo as a sport. Back then, it was different from the form we have today; the wooden sword was used in place of Read More

Kendo in Old Age

The History of Kendo

The history of kendo stretched back to the Heian period when the samurai developed many skills (kenpo, kenjutsu) to protect themselves during battle. As the samurai began ruling Japan and Japan plunged into the sengoku period (civil war), the samurai begain training hard in their sword skills because winning in Read More