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– Jacques Payet Sensei – Part. 5

An Interview with a Master: Part 5.   Q: Uchi Deshi is not your first book, you have also translated two other books Jinsei and Shugyo. What made you translate these two books? A: Two things, first it was my way to study Japanese, so that was my personal training, Read More

– Jacques Payet Sensei – Part. 4

An Interview with a Master: Part 4. Q: Do you think the training you did has had a big influence on your life? A: Yes, because you don’t think too much, you just do. It teaches you how to concentrate, to focus and to put everything into whatever you are Read More

– Jacques Payet Sensei – Part. 3

An Interview with a Master: Part 3.   I changed the way I was thinking and training to just focus on him and what he was doing. To really focus on him; how he was walking, what kind of personal training he was doing, and so on – instead of Read More

What kind of payment methods do you offer?

Tozando can accept payment from international customers with the following methods: Credit Card: We accept payment via VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit cards for international customers. Payments using VISA and MasterCard are mostly processed automatically at the time you check out your shopping cart. However, American Express cards unfortunately Read More