– Jacques Payet Sensei –

An Interview with a Master: Part 1.   We have had the great opportunity here at Tozando to interview one of the great masters of Aikido. This man’s name is Jacques Payet Shihan, and he holds the rank of 8th dan in Yoshinkan aikido. Jacques Payet Sensei has been practicing Read More

2016/12/01 – Welcome to Tozando 3.0!

The scheduled maintenance is over and as some of the early customers might have noticed, the design of has changed! We are proud and very happy to finally be able to announce and welcome you to Tozando 3.0! We listened to many of your comments and advises regarding the Read More

2016/11/28 – NEW ‘MICHI’ model Kendo Kote

Tozando has always been know for it’s high quality products, but as most of you probably know, quality often comes with a price there after. So is it impossible to make something that is both functional, durable and price efficient? We are proud to be able to present you with Read More

2016/11/25 – Tozando Tornado-stitch Kote Giveaway Round 3 Results!

It’s the 25th and it’s time to reveal the next 20 winners of the Tozando Tornado-stitch Kote Giveaway, so without further delay here are the 20 winners of Round 3!: Mark Miyamoto, United States John Doherty-Kato, United States Gabriele Simonelli, Italy Tuan Anh Hoang, Canada Oono Akira, Japan Nakatsukasa Youzou, Read More

2016/11/17 – Tozando annual employee study & training camp

We would like to announce that the annual Study & Training camp at Tozando will be held during the 22th (Tue), to the 24th (Thu) of November this year.  During this time the Tozando office and stores will be closed due to all employees participating in the study & training camp, Read More

2016/11/08 – Win a trip to Japan Winner Announcement!

It’s Autumn in Kyoto and the maple leaves have started to turn red, dyeing the mountains and temples in a crimson red colors. Although the real maple season will probably start from this weekend, many places around Kyoto have already started being flooded with people who wants to have a early Read More

2016/11/02 – Campaign extention!

Our recent In-stock Bogu 10% OFF + Free Clarino Zekken! and Tozando Suzaku Custom Iaito 10% OFF! have received a great response and since we are still in contact with many customers who wants to buy these products, we are extending these campaigns to the 13th of November so that all of our Read More

2016/10/28 – Tozando Complete Beginners Kendo Set Available now!

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to choose when you just have begun doing Kendo, what Bogu should I choose, what else do I need and so on.  So we have compiled a complete set containing a 5mm Fit-stitched Orizashi Bogu, Color-fixed Kendo Gi, Tetron Hakama, Water Bottle, Bogu Bag, Read More

2016/10/25 – Tozando Tornado-stitch Kote Giveaway Round 2 Results!

It’s the 25th and it’s time to reveal the next 20 winners of the Tozando Tornado-stitch Kote Giveaway, so without further delay here are the 20 winners of Round 2!: Yeung Chun-Yu Johnny, Hong Kong Warren Ho, South Africa Liao Yiqing, China Milos Jovanovic, Serbia Iida Ryouhei, Japan Kukiyama Toshinobu, Read More

2016/10/11 – Tornado-stitch Kote Giveaway round 2 ends!

The second round of the Tozando Tornado-stitch Kote Giveaway Campaign has ended! We will now draw and contact the winners before the official announcement on the 25th of October, so please look forwards to it! The third round has already started and we have already started receiving new applications, please Read More