2016/12/01 – Welcome to Tozando 3.0!

The scheduled maintenance is over and as some of the early customers might have noticed, the design of www.tozandoshop.com has changed!

We are proud and very happy to finally be able to announce and welcome you to Tozando 3.0!

We listened to many of your comments and advises regarding the former design and spend a long time preparing this launch, so we hope you like it.

This new design is not only a lot more modern looking and clutter free, but we have also made the website responsive, meaning that you can now access our website through your smart devices, be it a iPhone, iPad, tablet or Android device and our website will adapt to the device, making it a lot more convenient to browse our website!

Although the surface has changed, the contents remains the same, so you can still login as usual with your regular username and password, and view all your order information, past and present!


We hope you like the new design and we will keep improving and polishing the details of the website the coming few weeks, so feel free to tell us your opinions!


Best regards,


-Tozando International Sales Team