2016/02/17 – Bogu Craftsman Unzei Kazuki will be attending the 41st AKC

As previously announced yesterday, we have now confirmed the participation of our Bogu craftsman Mr. Unzei Kazuki for the 41st AKC.
With this we can confirm that we will be providing simple Bogu repair services on site, although more complex ones might be hard to fit in due to the tight schedule, we expect to be able to provide repairs for Kote in general, as this is what Mr. Unzei specializes in.
Mr. Unzei might be young and still learning, but he has a solid foundation, having learnt the art of Bogu crafting from our senior Master craftsmen who work at the Tozando Iwate Factory. So you can rest assured with leaving your precious Bogu equipment in his capable hands! We will also be able to accurately measure your Bogu measurements on-site for any future Bogu purchase you are considering from Tozando, so please feel free to make full use of this service also.