2016/04/26 – NEW [KIWAMI] series Kendo Bogu!

For those of you that were present at the AKC and EKC tournaments, you know that we brought some new Bogu models with us the display at our booth, namely the [KIWAMI] series Hybrid Indigo Leather Kendo Bogu models.

So with all the Bogu models out there, what makes this one different? For one, did you know that until now, Clarino/Neoleather or artificial leather Bogu, were not traditionally Indigo-dyed, but rather artificially dyed with navy color? It’s easily seen when you compare a Clarino Bogu and a Deerskin Bogu, the color is totally different!

But Tozando has developed a new material that we call the [Hybrid Indigo Leather] which is traditionally indigo-dyed artificial leather, something that was thought to be impossible to achieve until we announced the [KIWAMI] series!

So what’s the big deal you say?

1. Genuine Indigo-dye Bogu made with artificial leather, with the color and quality comparable to Deerskin!

2. [Hybrid Indigo Leather] is washable and there is no dye bleed or discoloration over time, even after washing!

3. The [Hybrid Indigo Leather] is pre-treated with our BioCLEAN treatment, meaning it’s anti-bacterial from the start, so less bad odor and unhygienic Bogu for all of us!

4. Our new [Hybrid Indigo Leather] material is 50% lighter than Deerskin, yet as durable as before, allowing for more lightweight Bogu.

5. The new [Hybrid Indigo Leather] sports extremely good breathability, meaning that it both absorbs and evaporates sweat very well, allowing for more comfortable usage.

These are all reasons why you should be exited! We would love to tell you more about the Bogu, however, since the official product announcement in Japan is during the Golden Week holidays (May 3-5) during the Kyoto Taikai, unfortunately it will have to wait for a few more days!

We will release more information about the new [KIWAMI] series of Bogu from Tozando after the Golden Week, so keep checking out our homepage and Facebook page for more information!