2016/05/18 – Mitsuboshi “MINE” series Kendo Bogu now available!

The famous MINE” series of Kendo Bogu made by Mitsuboshi are now available on Tozandoshop.

The “MINE” series made by Mitsuboshi are not particularly made for Shiai or Keiko, they are made with the basic logic that a Bogu should be usable in any situation. This Bogu is made by the most skilled craftsmen at the Tozando Iwate Factory with this in mind. All three models are high quality Fit-stitched Bogu, in either Deerskin, Neo-leather or Orizashi cotton.

What makes these Bogu different from our standard Bogu sets such as the “TOMBO” or the “3mm/5mm Fit-stitched” Bogu sets, is that first of all, these are no in-stock Bogu, they are completely custom-made to your measurements and instructions by our experienced craftsmen in the Tozando Iwate Factory, using the highest quality materials, such as genuine Bushu Indigo-dyed Futon, Deerskin and Orizashi Cotton. The Men and Kote are also made with our unique type of padding, not only providing better comfort, but they are also extra thickly padded for extra protection. The Kote Atama, or the fist, are also densely padded using fine Deerhair for better breathability, lightness, comfort and better protection. These Bogu sets might be machine-stitched, but they are no doubt the finest machine-stitched Bogu you will ever get!

So be sure to check out these new Bogu sets if you are hunting for a new Bogu!


Mitsuboshi is a longstanding brand in the domestic Japanese market, founded in 1953, it is one of the oldest large Budo equipment makers around! Although maybe not very well known internationally due to their limited exposure overseas, they are known for high quality brand products such as the “MINE” brand Kendo Bogu among others. Mitsuboshi is part of the Tozando Group since early 2015 and can now be considered to be one of Tozando’s sub-brands.