2016/06/09 – Buy a 3mm, 5mm & Tombo Bogu Set get a FREE Backpack!

Even in Japan you might have to travel a bit to get to your closest Dojo for Keiko, although it’s probably nothing compared with how far most Kendoka have to travel outside of Japan!

There is a lot of different kind of Bogu bags, be it traditional drawstring bags , Boston-type bags or sports-type bags. But if you frequently have to carry your Bogu with you, there is nothing that beats the comfort of carrying your Bogu on your back in a Backpack! Something as heavy as a Bogu can be quite hard to carry with one hand or with a shoulder strap sometimes, and might even result in injury, so something like the Tozando Bogu Backpack which allows the Kendoka to carry the Bogu while distributing the weight evenly making it feel lighter to carry and also prevent strain to only one arm or shoulder.

We know that our Bogu Backpack is one of the most popular Bogu bags that we carry, so we have decided to include a Free Tozando Bogu Backpack with all purchases of the 3mm, 5mm and Tombo Fit-stitched Kendo Bogu sets in our inventory for a limited time. This campaign will last until the 30th of June, so make sure you make your order before then to receive the Free Tozando Bogu Backpack with your Bogu! Since all three concerned Bogu sets are usually in-stock products, so we will be able to ship out both your Bogu set and your Backpack in 3-5 business days as long as there is no embroidery or other time consuming services involved.

So this is a good opportunity to get a new Bogu if you need one!