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2016/06/09 – Buy a 3mm, 5mm & Tombo Bogu Set get a FREE Backpack!

Even in Japan you might have to travel a bit to get to your closest Dojo for Keiko, although it’s probably nothing compared with how far most Kendoka have to travel outside of Japan! There is a lot of different kind of Bogu bags, be it traditional drawstring bags , Boston-type Read More

2015/01/23 – FREE anniversary Tenugui for all orders over 25,000JPY

I’m sure no one have missed that this year marks the 25th anniversary for Tozando and that we are doing a lot of things to celebrate it here at Tozando. Well, we just finished a commemorative Tozando 25th Anniversary Tenugui that we are now selling on our website for those that Read More

Does the free shipping apply to my country?

Free shipping from Tozando is generally valid for all the products which are listed as such, for example for Bokken, Iaito, etc. for most of the major countries in the world.  However, please note that there are countries to which we unfortunately can not offer ‘free shipping’, due to special Read More