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2015/02/19 – FAST SHIPPING Toryumon, now renewed and in stock again!

Our popular Fast Shipping Iaito from the Toryumon series is now available again. What’s so special with this Iaito is that we have stock of this Iaito, so that it’s available for shipping the next business day! This makes it unique in comparison with our other Iaito which usually takes at Read More

Why is the status of my order “processing”

The “processing” status could mean a lot of different things, for example, it could mean that we are processing or have processed your order and it’s under production or that we are preparing your order for shipping. It could also mean that some of the products in your order is Read More

Does the free shipping apply to my country?

Free shipping from Tozando is generally valid for all the products which are listed as such, for example for Bokken, Iaito, etc. for most of the major countries in the world.  However, please note that there are countries to which we unfortunately can not offer ‘free shipping’, due to special Read More