2015/02/19 – FAST SHIPPING Toryumon, now renewed and in stock again!

Our popular Fast Shipping Iaito from the Toryumon series is now available again. What’s so special with this Iaito is that we have stock of this Iaito, so that it’s available for shipping the next business day! This makes it unique in comparison with our other Iaito which usually takes at least 3-4 weeks to produce and ship to the customer.

The ‘Fast Shipping Toryumon‘ is very good for someone who is just starting out on the road of swordsmanship, as the name ‘Toryumon’ indicates, this is the entrance for one who will eventually become a dragon. Of course the Iaito is also well received by more advanced practitioners that don’t need anything fancy and just want a good quality, standard 2.45Shaku Iaito.

Since this Iaito is in-stock, the fittings and design is also decided in beforehand, with the Iaito coming with a 2.45Shaku blade, 8.5Sun Tsuka and Dragon themed Fuchi/Kashira & Menuki. What’s different this time around is that the Tsuba is now a Bamboo themed ‘Sasasukashi’ Tsuba, which is one of the most popular Tsuba that most of our customers choose when the buy a Toryumon series Iaito. Other than it being more popular, we also made this design change because the former Dragon themed Tsuba was regarded as not very practical by some of the customers who bought the Fast Shipping Toryumon last time, so to be able to offer you a better, fast shipping Iaito, we decided to make this change for the Fast Shipping Toryumon Iaito.

Please have a look if you are interested, it’s also sold at the stunning price of 27,900JPY (approx. 235USD/200EUR) at the moment, making it a great deal for those hunting for good quality Iaito!