2015/03/04 – NEW Minosaka Satsuma Koshirae extra long Iaito

We are glad to announce that we now have the  ‘Minosaka’ Brand Custom Satsuma Koshirae available for order on our homepage today! Although it’s quite expensive, starting at 200,000JPY, what’s unique with this Iaito is that can be made with a blade length ranging from 2.80-3.00 Shaku, something no other model is offering at the moment!

This is something we have had some requests for in the pasts, but we weren’t able to offer anything like this until now. The Satsuma Koshirae is designed after the swords used by the Satsuma army lead by Saigō Takamori in the late 1870-ties. It’s a rather simple Iaito focusing on practical use instead of flashy design. Featuring a reinforced Aluminium/Zinc alloy blade with two grooves to reduce the weight of this long Iaito and a Tsuka in Ikkanmaki-style with Cow leather instead of Same for the Tsukasame, giving it a quite unique look. This might also be something for those of you who like Sasaki Kojiro, the famed rival of Miyamoto Musashi, who was also said to have used a sword that was about 3 Shaku or longer!

So please have a look if you are interested in a extra long Iaito!