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2015/03/04 – NEW Minosaka Satsuma Koshirae extra long Iaito

We are glad to announce that we now have the  ‘Minosaka’ Brand Custom Satsuma Koshirae available for order on our homepage today! Although it’s quite expensive, starting at 200,000JPY, what’s unique with this Iaito is that can be made with a blade length ranging from 2.80-3.00 Shaku, something no other model Read More

What does “Shaku” means?

The shaku is a traditional unit of measure used in Japan (and other country in Asia) with a length approximately equal to 30.3cm or 11.93in. As with other measurements, it was originally derived from nature: the average length between nodes on bamboo. The shaku may be divided into ten smaller units, known as  sun in Japanese. Ten shaku are equal to a jō in Read More