2014/05/16 – Post your Tozando pictures on Facebook!

We all love a great Budo picture, and we know that there are some amazing ones out there. So this time we are calling out to all our customers, post your best pictures of Tozando products for us to see and tell us about it!
It can be a picture of you wearing the product, using it or even just of when you are displaying it in a creative way, anything is possible. Not only will we of course post the winning picture on our website, but will will also give 5000 reward points to the winner of the competition as thanks for showing us an awesome picture, and if there is a lot of good pictures, maybe we will have give out some more prizes.

The campaign is starting today, and will last until the end of June.  Until then, we welcome everyone to share their pictures with us, just share them on our our Facebook page and we will be able to check it all!
And who knows, we might use some of the nice pictures on our website for banners in the future also!  

There is no specific rules other than that we have to be able to confirm that it is indeed a Tozando product somehow, which can be done by showing a picture of the tozando logo or any tags on the products, or provide us with a name/order number to associate it with, and that’s it!
Please note that while multiple pictures are allowed, one person can only win once, even if their pictures are amazing, this is so that everyone can have a fair chance to get some kind of prize.

We are looking forward to seeing all you pictures so feel free to blow us away.
You can also check out our Facebook page for more news about this!