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4 Ways to Gain the Upper Hand in a Match

4 Ways to Gain the Upper Hand in a Match

In a kendo match, in order to win against an opponent who is at a similar level to you, you need to prepare to pull out the moves you are good at, or have tactics that cause your opponent to lose focus so you can seize the upper hand. Here Read More

Tokuren Z: A Kendo Bogu made for winners

The Jutsuka Tokubetsu Kunren (術科特別訓練; Special Technique Training Department) or for short, the “Tokuren”, is a special Japanese police squad whose purpose is to promote and reinforce technical training within subjects such as Judo, Kendo, Taihojutsu, marksmanship, etc. to raise the overall level of physical and mental health among police officers. Read More

2014/05/16 – Post your Tozando pictures on Facebook!

We all love a great Budo picture, and we know that there are some amazing ones out there. So this time we are calling out to all our customers, post your best pictures of Tozando products for us to see and tell us about it!It can be a picture of Read More