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Tozando's brandnew Kendo Shinai

Brandnew Kendo Shinai from Tozando!

Tozando proudly introduces the brandnew Kendo Shinai and let’s take a look at the new arrivals and see what sets them apart from the rest. First up we have the Tokuren. This shinai is unmistakeable with its completely straight and slim profile. Made from four dense staves of madake bamboo Read More

Tokuren ZX Gold - 6mm Tight Cross-stitch Lightweight Jissengata Kendo Bogu Set

Tokuren ZX Gold – What else can you do to win?

What else can you do to win? This Tokuren® ZX Gold Bogu Set is the evolution of our popular Tokuren® X Bogu set, made especially with Shiai in mind. It’s lightweight yet protective, featuring 6mm Tight Cross-stitch stitching. The Tight Cross-stitch and the new padding inside the Futon gives this Read More

Tokuren Z: A Kendo Bogu made for winners

The Jutsuka Tokubetsu Kunren (術科特別訓練; Special Technique Training Department) or for short, the “Tokuren”, is a special Japanese police squad whose purpose is to promote and reinforce technical training within subjects such as Judo, Kendo, Taihojutsu, marksmanship, etc. to raise the overall level of physical and mental health among police officers. Read More

What is a Jissengata Shinai?

“Jissengata” means “real combat”, these Shinai are mostly geared towards competition usage. Compared to a standard Shinai, the tip is slimmer. As a result of this the center of gravity is more towards the grip side of the shinai, making it easier to handle and adding a sense of speed when Read More

What does Dobari mean?

“Dobari” literally means “fat body”. Because the body is bigger and consequently the center of the gravity is located more toward on the grip side compared to a normal Shinai, because of this it will be easier to handle and feel lighter to swing. Because of Dobari style Shinai being easier Read More