Day: March 14, 2013

What is a Jissengata Shinai?

“Jissengata” means “real combat”, these Shinai are mostly geared towards competition usage. Compared to a standard Shinai, the tip is slimmer. As a result of this the center of gravity is more towards the grip side of the shinai, making it easier to handle and adding a sense of speed when Read More

What does Koto mean?

“Koto” literally means “old sword”.  In Koto style Shinai the weight is more evenly distributed through-out the Shinai, while the center of the gravity is located closer to the tip, imitating the balance of a “real sword”. Because of this it’s said to be more difficult to master and preferred by high level practitioners. 

Can I pickup my order in your store?

Yes, you can place and order on our website and by choosing “In-Store Pickup” in the shipping method field when checking out your order, you can pickup your order at any of our stores. Please note that we do not always have all products in stock at our store, so Read More

Can I view the prices on Tozando in my currency?

The displayed currency for all products on Tozando can be viewed by clicking on the “currency converter” and choosing the currency of your choice on the top of the left menu on our main page. Please note that the base currency on Tozando is always Japanese Yen, so this function Read More